Learning games for school age

bam1.jpgSo BAM! is the latest craze at our house at the moment! We play this fun learning game at breakfast to get everyone’s brains going. I love that it is super simple to make and it helps drum home what they are learning at school without even realising it! You can make it about maths fact, single sounds, phonic blends, spelling words or CVC words…and I am sure there are many other possibilities too.



A game for 2+ players

You will need:

•    Craft/lollypop sticks

•    Marker pen

•    Small plastic container or similar


To play;

o Use the marker to write a fact on one end of each craft stick. If you have children learning different facts, write one fact on each side of the stick.

o Write BAM! on an additional 2-4 sticks. Place all sticks into the container so that the end with the fact on it is hidden.


o bam3.jpgPlayers take turns drawing a stick from the container. Players must answer the fact correctly to keep the stick (for spelling words, look quickly at the word and then cover and spell without looking). If the player answers incorrectly, the stick is returned.

o If the player draws a BAM! stick, she must return all her sticks to the container.


Play continues until the adult calls time. Alternatively, a time limit can be set and the winner is the person with the most sticks in their possession when time is up.