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Learning games for school age
So BAM! is the latest craze at our house at the moment! We play this fun learning game at breakfast to get everyone’s brains going. I love that it is super simple to make and it helps drum home what they are learning at school without even realising it! You can make it about maths fact, single sounds, phonic blends, spelling words or CVC words…and I am sure there are many other possibilities too.   GAMES FOR KIDS: HOW TO PLAY BAM! A game for 2+ players You will need: •    Craft/lollypop sticks •    Marker pen •    Small plastic container or similar To play; o Use the marker to write a fact on one end of each craft stick. If you have children learning different facts, write one fact on each side of the stick. o Write BAM! on an additional 2-4 sticks. Place...
Should we have children at the wedding
It’s a controversial topic yes, but there really is no right or wrong answer. There’s no doubt that children can be the most entertaining part of a wedding day, looking completely gorgeous in their little outfits, toddling up the isle feeling so special, and of course showing off all their best moves on the dance floor.   (photo credit Cloud 9 Wedding Photography) But, it can be a really long day for them where their routines go out of the window and lots of unfamiliar people are cooing over them.  Meal times aren’t where they should be and Mummy and Daddy really want to be socialising with all their friends not sat on the floor in their best clothes playing cars or reading Peppa Pig for the 40th time.  This is when things can take a turn for the worst and...